Friday, October 31, 2014

Let the PiBoIdMo Magic Begin

November is Picture Book Idea Month! 
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Authors, illustrators and picture book professionals will provide daily doses of inspiration to help you along on your 30-day idea journey.
And then in early December, there’s Post-PiBo to help you organize and prioritize your ideas.
Thanks to Author Tara Lazar for creating this Picture Book love fest.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Taking the 777 Challenge!

Thanks to Gail Nall, I was tagged to join middle grade writers from the Kidliterati blog and beyond in a blog hop. Gail's debut MG novel is BREAKING THE ICE, which hits bookshelves next January. 
            The rules of the blog hop are simple: Once you're tagged, then you go to the 7th page of your WIP, count down 7 lines and post the next seven lines.
            My MG WIP is titled RUNNING VERSE. 
           Since her protective older brother joined the Army, Samantha has been running from her alcoholic father. Now with trouble brewing at school, she has no safe place to run. Samantha must stand her ground and fight back.

Here's my 777:
            Tiffany sends me a threatening glare from the football practice field. But I’m not afraid of her. I have bigger problems.
            I sprint off the school grounds, past the happy homes and green yards. The weight of my book bag thumps against my back with each step. I cross the street into Strawberry Hills Park. Out of breath, I drop my bag near the big kid swings and slump into a curved rubber seat.
            Pushing against the ground, the swing rocks into motion. I kick my legs out and lean back. Air rushes past taking my dark brown hair off my shoulders. I could swing for hours. No one watches me here. No one throws anything at me here. 

What's your 777? Join the challenge.