Friday, April 24, 2015

Perfect PB Friday: Round Is a Tortilla

by Roseanne Greenfield Thong
Illustrated by John Parra
Chronicle Books, 2013 
Themes: shapes, Latino culture

A little girl discovers that shapes are all around her. They are part of the food she eats, games she plays, and objects in her room and around her town. Everywhere she looks, she sees shapes.

The Story begins
Round are sombreros.
Round is the moon.
Round are the trumpets
that blare out a tune.

I like how the Latino culture is shown through shapes.
 Square are ventanas that give a view.
Rectangles are carts with bells that chime.
Triangles are crunchy chips
for guacamole and other dips.

Resources: Activities for Home and Classroom
The author includes a glossary. First word listed is "Abuela: Grandmother."

Find wonderful teaching pages that go along with this book:

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Perfect PB Friday: Ostrich and Lark

This week, I had a few minutes to scan the picture book shelves in my library. And I came across a book that relates (setting) to one of my works-in-progress. It was like finding treasure!

Title: Ostrich and Lark
by Marilyn Nelson
Illustrated by Matt Phelan
Boyds Mills Press, 2012 
Themes: friends, finding one's voice

Ostrich and Lark spend their days on the grasslands of southern Africa surrounded by a chorus of birdsong. From his perch in a tree Lark joins the chorus, while below Ostrich is silent. Then comes a joyful day, when Ostrich finds his voice.

The Story begins
Ostrich and Lark started each morning together
at first light,
day in and day out.
And they parted
at nightfall.

Every day, all day,
over the cicada's drone,
a drizzle of buzzings fell,
and a downpour of birdsong.

I love the concept and illustrations. 
Author Marilyn Nelson captures the feel of a traditional African folktale. Her story is brought to life through vibrant illustrations by six San artists of the Kuru Art Project of Botswana. These vivid images transport readers to the unique landscape of the Kalahari Desert.
Resources: Activities for Home and Classroom
More about the Kuru Art Project:

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Perfect PB Friday: Maddi's Fridge

Happy Windy Perfect Picture Book Friday!

Title: Maddi's Fridge
by Lois Brandt
Flashlight Press, 2014 
Themes: hunger, friends, sharing

Story Summary
Sofia and Maddi live in the same neighborhood, play in the same park, and both have pesky little brothers. But while Sofia's fridge at home is full of milk and eggs and tortillas and cheese and lettuce and jam and even half a can of dog food, Maddi's fridge is empty -with just a small container of milk for her brother, Ryan.

“Why doesn’t your mom go the grocery store?” Sofia asked.
“We don’t have any money.”
“What if you get hungry?”
“We have some bread,” Maddi said.

Sofia promises Maddi she won't tell, but she wants to help. Sofia sneaks food for Maddi in her backpack. Even though fish and eggs are good for people, they aren't very good for backpacks. Despite Sofia's very best efforts, Maddi's fridge is still empty.

All the while, normal life goes on. Each day at the park, Maddi encourages Sofia to climb a wall. It wasn't until Maddi offers a hand to Sofia that Sofia could make it successfully to the top of the climbing wall. A lesson in "friends helping friends."

Then, one day, Sofia breaks down, telling her mom about Maddi. The mama is quick to bring groceries to Maddi's family. At first Maddi is a little mad at Sofia, but quickly forgives her after they talk about the importance of friends helping out friends.

I love this book's gently shared lesson of Friends helping Friends. 
Also it encourages kids to tell an adult when their friend is in trouble, even if it means breaking a promise

Resources: Activities for Home and Classroom
Let's Help Our Friends Who Have Empty Refrigerators!
Friends Helping Friends
Fun Maze
Decorate Maddi’s Fridge

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Friday, April 3, 2015

Perfect PB Friday: The Sock Thief

Happy April!  Enjoy a taste of Brazilian life in this colorful picture book.
Title: The Sock Thief

by Ana Crespo

Albert Whitman & Company

Themes: community, friends

Ages: 4-7

Brazilian boy Felipe doesn’t have a soccer ball. So, when it’s his turn to take one to school, he uses a little bit of creativity… and a few socks.  Felipe is the sock thief. Along the way, Felipe leaves delicious mangoes in exchange for the socks he steals.

The story begins:
In a small Brazilian town, Felipe leaves home earlier than usual. He walks a long way to school.

I love the sense of community and creativity.

Felipe and his neighbors nonverbally share mangoes for socks. These colorful socks turn into a fun soccer ball through Felipe's creativity.

Learn how to pronounce the Portuguese words in the book. Let's Learn Portuguese!


· How to make a newspaper - stuffed sock ball - B&W pdf or COLOR pdf
· How many mangoes - connect the number to the group with the same number of mangoes
· Counting letters - find out the longest and the shortest word in Portuguese and in English
· Group the words - group the words according to the number of letters they have
· Match words and pictures - match the picture to the word
· Color the Brazilian flag - color the flag and find out some facts about the Brazilian flag

To learn about Ana's road to publication visit: 

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