Friday, April 17, 2015

Perfect PB Friday: Ostrich and Lark

This week, I had a few minutes to scan the picture book shelves in my library. And I came across a book that relates (setting) to one of my works-in-progress. It was like finding treasure!

Title: Ostrich and Lark
by Marilyn Nelson
Illustrated by Matt Phelan
Boyds Mills Press, 2012 
Themes: friends, finding one's voice

Ostrich and Lark spend their days on the grasslands of southern Africa surrounded by a chorus of birdsong. From his perch in a tree Lark joins the chorus, while below Ostrich is silent. Then comes a joyful day, when Ostrich finds his voice.

The Story begins
Ostrich and Lark started each morning together
at first light,
day in and day out.
And they parted
at nightfall.

Every day, all day,
over the cicada's drone,
a drizzle of buzzings fell,
and a downpour of birdsong.

I love the concept and illustrations. 
Author Marilyn Nelson captures the feel of a traditional African folktale. Her story is brought to life through vibrant illustrations by six San artists of the Kuru Art Project of Botswana. These vivid images transport readers to the unique landscape of the Kalahari Desert.
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More about the Kuru Art Project:

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  1. The artwork in this book is so vibrant and fun to look at.

    1. I like how each of the six artists interprets his/her story page.

  2. I look forward to checking out the art!

  3. Having spent time in the Kalahari the art/setting and project are especially meaningful to me in this book. I remember reviewing it when it came out.

    1. Thanks for sharing! I will look for your blog review.

  4. Such bold and vivid illustrations. I especially like African folklore, so this would really appeal to me. Enjoyed the Kuru Art Project -- great activity for kids.

    1. Glad you clicked on the link. I enjoyed learning a bit about the Kuru Art Project.

  5. This sounds amazing and the cover is beautiful!!! Thanks.

  6. LOVE the cover - and the idea of this. Lovely language too. Great pick - thanks!


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