Friday, November 20, 2015

Otter in Space: PB Review & Book Trailer

words & illustrations by Sam Garton
published by Balzer + Bray 

Thinking BIG, being creative, and solving problems

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Summary According to Otter
"This is a story of the time my best friend Teddy and I did something really incredible. We went on a very, very important mission - to the moon! In a rocket!"

The Story begins . . .

On Sunday, Otter Keeper took me and Teddy to the museum. 
The museum is the best place ever!

I love Otter's voice. 
In all the books in this series, Otter has a concrete problem, creates a plan, deals with obstacles and meets her goal. Otter acts and reacts in a very kid-like way.
In Otter in Space, Otter plans a mission to the moon with Teddy. Otter makes a space suit, trains Teddy, gives Giraffe (another friend) an important job, makes a spaceship and prepares for launch. With each page turn, Otter takes readers along for this exciting mission! 

Resources for Teachers: 
Otter's Fun and Games page has 6 printable activities for young students

Meet Author/Illustrator Sam Garton

Otter in Space Book Trailer

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