Thursday, March 2, 2017

#50 PRECIOUS WORDS: Zoey’s Visitor

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

For the second year Vivian Kirkfield, 

author of SWEET DREAMS, SARAH, is hosting the 


I gave one of my StoryStorm ideas 

a Dr. Seus twist to create Zoey's Visitor.

Thanks for the challenge, Vivian!

If you wish to read more stories or post one before 

the March 6th deadline, then visit Vivian's website.

Zoey’s Visitor
by Manju B. Howard

A Great White Heron
strolled through the doorway
and stood beak to eye with Zoey.
With feathers unruffled,
Heron swiftly stretched his neck
to snatch his prey.
Mom’s clay fish.
Zoey shouted, “Go back to the swamp!”
and shut the door.
Heron returned.

He had left his Florida “Keys.”