Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Big Bang Theory of Writing Well

Last week I visited The Museum of Fine Art in Houston, Texas. They had a special exhibition titled Picasso Black and White. Throughout Picasso's career from 1904 to 1970, he created paintings and sculptures in black and white. I knew what to expect. And there were no major surprises.

In another section of the museum, I was surprised.

I walked into a rectangular room with Chinese pottery and ancient writings. I thought the black and tan mural that wallpapered the walls was to set the mood. Then a soft spoken Chinese security lady urged, "You missed the video. You must watch how all this was created."


"What motivates me to make art is that I’m worse at doing everything else. 
For me, making art is fun, and it allows me to have a dialogue with my inner self and with society in general." 
- Cai Guo-Qiang

Watching Chinese-born artist Cai Guo-Qiang create murals using gunpowder was amazing. I have a greater appreciation of his work after learning his process.

The same is true in writing. As I accumulate more knowledge and experience about the craft of writing, I have a greater appreciation for others works. And one day I will earn the right to wallpaper my home with book covers instead of rejections.


  1. I just saw this post. Although it is 3 years after you wrote it, I found it fascinating. Thanks! And I'm glad you finally earned your wish to be published.

    1. I really appreciate your comment. Good luck with your dreams!


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