Tuesday, March 17, 2015

PB Review: Maple & Willow Together

Author / Illustrator: Lori Nichols
Publisher: Penguin Group
Themes: caring, nature, siblings

When Maple is tiny, her parents plant a maple tree in her honor. She and her tree grow up together, and even though a tree doesn’t always make an ideal playmate, it doesn’t mind when Maple is in the mood to be loud—which is often. Then Maple becomes a big sister, and finds that babies have their loud days, too. Fortunately, Maple and her beloved tree know just what the baby needs.

Maple & Willow Together
Maple and Willow do everything together. They love playing outside throughout the whole year, welcoming the sun, rain, leaves, and snow. But it’s not always sunshine and rainbows, because sometimes big sisters can be bossy—and sometimes little sisters can be frustrating—and even the best of friends need a break from each other . . . at least until they can no longer bear to be apart.

I love how both picture books show caring and sharing.

Maple and her little sister, Willow, were always together.

As the older sister, Maple likes to make the rules. Willow likes to do things a little different. This causes some tears. But they can't stay mad at each other for long.

The girls also love their trees. Unlike in The Giving Tree, Maple and Willow both give and take.

Why do these books make good mentor texts?
I connected with the characters, Maple and Willow. The girls have a variety of emotions and interests. They are not one thing through each story. And Lori Nichols allows her characters to make mistakes and get hurt. 

I'm reading for ReFoReMo (Reading For Research Month) created and hosted by Carrie Charley Brown. I've read 75 picture books so far this month. 


  1. 75 picture books so far! Awesome! Cheering you on, Manju! Thanks for the shout out and happy to hear that ReFoReMo is making a difference for you!

    1. Thank you, Carrie! I appreciate all the time you give our writing community.


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