Friday, May 8, 2015

So Few of Me - Review for #PPBF

Last week, I read GOING PLACES by Peter & Paul Reynolds. I love everything these brothers have created. But had I read every picture book they wrote? I checked. No. 
Here's one I missed.

by Peter H. Reynolds
Candlewick Press, 2006
Theme: enjoy life

"Leo works really hard to get things done. But Leo encounters a problem: no matter how hard he works to get things done, he always finds more things to do! He decides it might be easier to enlist the help of more Leos to help him get everything done. The work keeps growing and two Leos quickly progress to ten Leos, with a never-ending amount of work. He finally decides to take a nap and has a dream. The other Leos catch him and get upset with him for doing something that was not on the list. Leo finally decides that he is content with just one of him so he can have time to dream."

The Story begins
Leo was a busy lad.
No matter how hard he worked,
there was always more to do.
Maybe making a list would help.

I like the concepts behind Peter's picture books.
In Peter's words: “If The Dot is about getting started, and Ish is about keeping going once you get rolling, So Few of Me is about making sure you save enough time in the rush- rush world we live in to actually BE creative.”

Resources for Home and Classroom 
Peter’s website is filled with art, blog posts, and projects.

International Dot Day is based on The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds.
Sign ups for 2015: “Make your mark and see where it takes you.”

Questions for Philosophical Discussion
Topics: Having things to do, Free Time & Identity

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  1. His characters are always so whimsical. Love how this concept is shown in this story.

  2. All Peter's stories have a heart.

  3. I love his books. I love his art, almost more than chocolate . . . maybe more. Thanks.

  4. Looking forward to finding this one - thanks!


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