Saturday, September 22, 2012

Don't Give Up

“Things will get easier, people's minds will change, and you should be alive to see it.”
― Ellen DeGeneres

Bullying does not build character. Bullying builds fear.

For those bullied:
life is not easy
and life is not fair
to be yourself in a teenage group
has challenged most generations
have courage to see past today and
believe in a better tomorrow
please reach out for help
you are not alone in this world

For those bystanders:
It's up to you to stop standing by
and stand up
for the kids being treated like crap
you have to try
help a hurting kid to stand back up
bring them into your group of friends
or speak when their voice
can not be heard

For those bullying:
we are all different
different is neither good or bad
accept don't hate
understand don't belittle
if you're unhappy
then ask for help
putting others down
will not make you happy

We must end the abuse together.

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