Friday, October 5, 2012

Art of Storytelling

This week I'm responding to Editor Cheryl Klein’s blog. Ms. Klein has edited many children's books including THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ME by Karen Rivers. As a writer, I am amazed that Rivers structured her novel to follow the format of an encyclopedia from A to Z. The story is told through main character Tink's alphabetical entries which share humor and teenage angst.

Aaron-Martin, Tink.  That's me, aged almost thirteen, the star of this encyclopedia.  I wrote it in my spare time, during the weirdest, most wonderful summer of my life.  I had a lot of spare time due to being grounded.  (But it wasn't my fault!  At least, not totally.)

Ms. Klein's challenged blog followers to write an encyclopedia entry for their main character. From my novel TRIPLE B: 
Samantha Springs (July 7, 2000 to present)
I'm a California girl who was born to messed up parents. When I was five, my father Pit (everyone uses his nickname, including me) decided to take another crack becoming an actor in Hollywood. He landed a small part and racked up lots of debt. So we had to sell everything and move into a mobile hole (and I mean hole). 

Pit's drinking got worse along with the daily bullying. So my older brother Brad joined the Army and moved out. Mom has moved out mentally but not physically. And I'm stuck here.

I found this artwork in a book called The Smithsonian's Collections which perfectly represents my life. Mr. Knightly, Mom's boss and lover, is gassing up her putt putt car so they can drive off into the sunset. Below the car, Pit is pushing from one side and my evil nemesis in eighth grade is pushing me from the other side. Her name is Tiffany Lane.

I'm trapped between them. I'm half drawn, half loved, half me.

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