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Imani's Moon: PB #14 for 14:14 Review

Title: Imani's Moon
Author: JaNay Brown-Wood
Illustrator: Hazel Mitchell
Publisher: Charlesbridge
Year: 2014
Word Count: about 800


Little Imani is the smallest one in her village. The other children make fun of her and tell her she’s too tiny, that she’s an ant, that a meerkat might stomp her, and that she’ll never amount to anything. Imani begins to believe them.
At bedtime, Imani’s mama tells her stories of the Maasai mythologies: about Olapa, the moon goddess and about Anansi the spider. They accomplished what would seem impossible. Imani’s mama tells her that she is the one who needs to believe if she wants to achieve great things. So, Imani sets out to touch the moon.

Story Element: Character & Dialogue

Imani is a little girl who dreams big, thanks to Mama's stories.

"Do you think I could do something great like Olapa?" asked Imani.
"I do," answered Mama.
"Even something like touching the moon?"
"Even that," said Mama.

Little Imani tries to climb a tree to the moon. 

Little Imani tries to fly to the moon. 

Little Imani tries to jump to the moon. She doesn't listen to the negative children in her village. She jumps all day, higher and higher.

As the sky grew darker, Bundi the owl flew by. "What are you-hoo doing?" he asked.
"I am going to touch the moon," Imani answered.
"Don't fool yourself. You-hoo won't make it!" hooted Bundi. 
But Imani jumped on.

In the night sky, Little Imani lands on the face of the moon. She is welcomed by Olapa and given a moon rock.

Then Imani jumps once more and floats back to earth. She finds Mama.

"Can I tell you a story tonight?" she asked.
"Which one?" asked Mama.
"It is The Tale of the Girl Who Touched the Moon."
Mama listened as Imani told her story.
"Where did you hear such a tale?" asked Mama.
Imani opened her hands and revealed the glowing moon rock, so small and beautiful.
"It is my story, Mama," said Imani. "I am the girl who touched the moon and was welcomed by Olapa. I am the one who believed."

(Post #14 for the 14:14 Picture Book Blog Review Challenge created by Christie Wild of Write Wild.


  1. I couldn't wait to read this book when it first came out last year, and I was not disappointed! It's a beautiful debut picture book for the author. I liked it for it's theme and plot, but I can see your love of the dialogue as well!

  2. Imani's Moon is perfect. A beautiful pairing of author and illustrator.

  3. Beautiful...inspiring and moving story about dreams, a basic subelement of character. Love how the dialogue is the vehicle for the story of the hearts, the Mother's dreams and hopes for Imani, and Imani's confidence and determination.

  4. I agree. It also shows the importance of storytelling.

  5. It is funny when you choose a book, and you find an element that may not have spoken to someone else! I love your post...and will be finding this book soon!

    1. I was touched by Imani's relationship with her mama.

  6. I love stories with strong characters, when the underdog wins in some way. And this books has the most beautiful illustrations.

    1. I wanted to show all of the illustrations. The trailer shows half.

  7. Imani looks like such a lovable character! I am hooked after watching the trailer. Great pick!

  8. Heather, Thanks for hopping over to read about one of my favorite books!

  9. This looks beautiful and inspiring! I look forward to reading it. Thank you for the review!


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