Friday, February 20, 2015

Zorro Gets An Outfit: PB #7 for 14:14 Review

Title: Zorro Gets An Outfit 
Author / Illustrator: Carter Goodrich
Publisher: S&S Books for Young Readers
Year: 2012
Word Count:


Mister Bud and Zorro get along just great. They wake up together, have walk time together, and take naps together. But something is about to interrupt their schedule: Zorro has to wear a fancy outfit. 
     Zorro is embarrassed and mortified. Mr. Bud tries to cheer him up, but nothing works. Everyone makes fun of Zorro, and he refuses to participate in chew-on-a-stick time. Mister Bud doesn’t know what to do. 
     But when another dog—a very cool dog—shows up in an outfit and does amazing tricks, Zorro discovers that wearing clothes might not be so bad after all. 

Story Element: Conflict

Spread 1: (Introduction)
The dogs wait for their person to wake up -
The day begun like any other for Zorro and Mister Bud.
"Okay . . . all right." (dog's internal dialogue)

Spread 2: (Conflict 1)

Dogs wait impatiently at the front door - 

But there was a delay.
"Zorro, I've got a surprise for you." (person's voice)
Now what? (Mister Bud thinks)
Come on. Come on. (Zorro thinks)

Spread 3 (Conflict 2)
Zorro is dressed in a mask and cape - 
Zorro was embarrassed.

Spread 4 (Conflict 3)
Zorro doesn't want to go. Mister Bud is going -
He didn't want to go for a walk.
"Zorro . . . come on." (person's voice)
"Slow down, Mister Bud. Wait!"

Spread 5 (Conflict 4)
Neighborhood dogs laugh at Zorro -
Eddie and the boys all laughed at Zorro.
"Hey, Wonder Dog! Fly around for us! Ha! Ha!"

The conflict escalates with a cat laughing at Zorro. Then in the park, they meet another dog wearing an outfit. The dog acts amazingly cool and his peppy personality rubs off on Zorro. The dogs romp and run through the park. All is well.

The illustrations are playfully done in watercolors. But the text is set in all upper case Gorey. I would prefer upper and lower case type.

(Post #7 for the 14:14 Picture Book Blog Review Challenge created by Christie Wild of Write Wild.


  1. Poor Zorro! I hate to see dogs dressed up in costumes. It might be worse than the cone of shame.

  2. My terrier would never wear Zorro's outfit.

  3. The only thing my pets love about outfits is the warmth. Otherwise, it's a definite no no. Great story! Wonderful conflict, perfect example of how internal and external conflict parallel. Thanks Manju for this review.

    1. I appreciate your comment, Damon. I should have made it clear that Zorro is dealing with both internal and external conflict.

  4. Awesome post to illustrate conflict. Thanks for sharing Manju!

  5. Oh, I've read this book and I loved it! You really have to sympathize for poor Zorro as he gets through his costume conflict. Great choice. :)

  6. Thanks, Laura! The picture of Zorro in the 3rd spread is comically sad.

  7. the storyline reminds me of "embarrassing knit sweater syndrome".


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